Meryl Streep to be given one of the world’s biggest LGBT awards

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Hollywood royalty Meryl Streep is to be honoured by the Human Rights Campaign at their annual fundraising dinner.

The group is honouring Streep at its 2017 Human Rights Campaign Great New York Gala, to be held in February at New York’s Waldorf Astoria.

The iconic actress has stood up for LGBT rights in both her acting work and personal life over the years.

She first came out in favour of marriage equality back in 2004 – when George Bush was calling for an amendment to ban it from ever happening.

Streep said that “too many people [wanting] to commit their lives to each other till death due us part” is far from the country’s biggest problem, drawing applause from attendees like Jack Nicholson and Tom Cruise.

The news comes in the wake of Donald Trump’s confirmation as the next president appointing the most homophobic cabinet in a generation.

The attraction of Meryl Streep is likely to draw considerable attention to the Human Rights Campaign – who are rallying against the long list of anti-LGBT cabinet appointees.

Watch Meryl Streep on the Ellen show discussing her many awards: