WATCH: Chelsea Handler’s Christmas wish list is hilarious

Chelsea Handler visited lesbian comic Fortune Feimster in her new Christmas sketch, and it’s side split tingly funny.

Feimster stars as Santa Claus and invites Handler onto her lap to hear her Christmas wish list.

The Feistier nails the creepy santa roll, with the sexually inappropriate comments and as Handler takes her place next to Ms. Claus, Feimster pulls Handlers leg onto her lap.

“Something feels very funny in your pocket,” Handler says.

“Oh it’s just a candy cane,” Ms Claus quips. “I’m kidding, it’s my dick.”

She goes on to hold mistletoe above Handler, who flat out rejects Ms. Claus.

Handler asks for a long list of gifts in the sketch, but our favourite by far has to be Mike Pence having a gay son.

She also asks for a Nutribullet, a third season of “Bloodline” and “Planned Parenthood for snakes”.

We sure hope Santa lives up to Handler’s expectations and delivers vice-president elect Pence a gay son!

Watch the full sketch between the two comedians here: