This Marine’s daughter got a surprise when she asked for a Pride flag for Christmas

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When this daughter of a US Marine asked for a Pride flag for Christmas, she clearly didn’t expect to receive this response.

Twitter user Dakotah shared her dad’s response letter which he included with the Pride flag he gave her for Christmas.


In later tweets, she said she only had expected the flag to go up in her room, but that she was blown away by her dad’s offer.

From a military family, he offered to fly the Pride flag along with the Marine Corps and Navy flags for the rest of their family.


He wrote that it “makes sense that you would want a flag to represent something you are part of”, and said he “would be proud” to fly the flag in the Spring.

The original tweet by Dakotah with the letter has been retweeted over 40,000 times, and has been liked more than 150,000 times.

Read the full response from Dakotah’s dad below:

Merry Christmas Dakotah,

When I saw that a gay pride flag was on your list, at first I thought it was an odd request. But after thinking about it, I think I know why.

I reckon that you feel that everyone else in the family, except grandma, has a flag that represents someone we were/are a part of. I have the Marine Corps, grandpa and mom have the navy, and Darr has the army. So it makes sense that you would want a flag to represent something you are a part of.

I present you with this flag, to display how you would like. In the spring, when I hang the flags up, I would be proud to hang yours up.

The response Dakotah received to her Tweet has been overwhelmingly positive, with many saying they felt emotional reading the letter from her dad.