WATCH: Drag star Courtney Act shares STI test results with fans

The RuPaul's Drag Race Show comes to London (Getty Images)

Drag star Courtney Act took fans on a journey of STI testing after discovering they had slept with someone who is HIV positive.

The Australian star revealed to her fans in early December that she had unprotected sex with somebody, who she later found out was HIV positive.

The Australian RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 6 star said: “Last week I had unprotected sex with somebody who I found out was HIV positive, which, on my behalf, wasn’t a smart decision.”

“I should have taken more precautions and used a condom or other precautions like PrEP.”

Following the discovery, she released another video which follows her journey of having a full STI test and getting the results.

Since the close encounter the star shared that she had started taking the HIV prevention drug PrEP, which reduces the chance of infection when exposed to the virus.

She uploaded a short video that followed her on her journey of discovering whether or not she had an STI. While she revealed that she had not contracted HIV, she had caught Chlamydia.

The star used the experience to send an important message about getting checked up, as well as about using safety precautions other than PrEP.

You can watch the video here: