Charlie Sheen revealed he was suicidal after being diagnosed with HIV

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Charlie Sheen has revealed that he contemplated suicide after he found out about his HIV status.

Talking to Michael Strahan on “Good Morning America”, the actor spoke about the extreme depression he encountered when he found out that he had contracted HIV.

“The day I was diagnosed, I immediately wanted to eat a bullet,” Sheen admits. “But my mom was there, I wouldn’t do that in front of her, or let her find me to clean up that mess.”

However, Sheen said that believes the thought that it could have been worse is what got him through the ordeal.

“I’m so grateful for what was available when it happened, and even more grateful for what’s available right now.”

The actor is now trialling a new HIV therapy option which replaces daily medication with a once-a-week injection, after being criticised for admitting to stopping his previous medication.

The Pro 140 dosage has left him with less side effects, and Sheen is feeling vastly better than when he was first diagnosed, despite still having off days.

“Like all of us, some days are better than others, but most days are pretty frickin’ cool. I walk out in the world and it’s just warm hugs and compliments and there’s nothing but love out there right now,” he said.

Sheen has dramatically increased awareness of people living with HIV after opening up about his diagnosis.

The former Two and a Half Men star opened up about his HIV status a little over a year ago, in a bid to end a “cycle” of blackmail, extortion and tabloid rumours.

The actor claimed he had paid out millions to “blackmailers” to ensure the news remained secret, but claims he did not put anyone at risk.