Austrian same-sex marriage off the cards until at least 2018

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Same-sex marriage is off the cards in Austria until at least 2018 – despite pledges from a prominent politician.

Christian Kern, the current Chancellor, had promised marriage equality if he was re-elected, but in a newly revealed coalition plan there were no mention of any LGBT issues.

While Mr Kern represents the Social Democratic Party of Austria, he is currently locked in a power share with the Christian democratic and conservative Austrian People’s Party.

The next chance for him to get elected on his own is not until 2018.

Previously the politician, who was the first Chancellor to have ever taken part in Vienna Pride, had also pledged to look at other discrimination laws which affect LGBT people.

Austrian same-sex marriage off the cards until at least 2018

Mr Kern was the first Chancellor to attend Vienna Pride (Photo: Luca Sartoni/Flickr via CC 2.0)

Making the case for the move, he claimed marriage equality would also lead to a stronger economy.

“Did you know marriage equality saves money?” he added in his plan. “The elimination of parallel structures at the registrar’s offices, for example, to name only one aspect.”

His initial proposals, called ‘Plan A’, also included plans to protect gay people outside of the workplace. Although employers are unable to discrimination of the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity, the law doesn’t apply in private spaces.

“Someone looking to rent a flat cannot be discriminated against because of their gender or the colour if their skin,” the plan continued. “But if someone doesn’t get a rental contract because of their sexual orientation, that’s not forbidden.”

However, while new plans released by the coalition appear similar to ‘Plan A’ they have removed all mentions of LGBT policies.

The Austrian People’s Party have a long history of objecting to same-sex marriage.

Same-sex couples have been able to enter into a civil partnership in the country since 2010, and have had joint adoption rights since 2016.