Gay MEP holds up ‘HE’S LYING’ sign behind Brexit leader Nigel Farage

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A gay MEP has spent the afternoon holding a pretty unsubtle sign behind Brexit leader Nigel Farage.

Seb Dance, a Labour MEP for the London region, was spotted holding the sign this afternoon.

The hand made sign read “he’s lying to you” with an arrow pointing upwards to Nigel Farage, who was speaking infront of him.

Farage was wearing a pin badge with the word “Trump” on it as he spoke.


German publication SPIEGEL spotted the moment, posting: “@SebDance trollt Nigel Farage”, which we assume translates as “troll”.

Farage was a leader in the UK’s campaign to leave the EU, and spoke at a Trump rally during the election campaign.

He has since been rumoured to be a new adviser to President Trump, with the POTUS even asking for him to be the British ambassador.

Watch the full video here: