Anti-gay governor will take Nigel Farage to Trump inauguration

The notoriously homophobic Governor of Mississippi has invited Brexit campaigner Nigel Farage to be his plus-one to the Trump inauguration.

Mr Farage, the former head of the UK Independence Party, has been a vocal campaigner in support of President-elect Trump.

The politician, who has close ties with the Republican far-right, has even landed an invite to the Trump inauguration later this month, thanks to the support of Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant.

The Governor of Mississippi Phil Bryant signed a new law in April last year that enables discrimination against LGBT people – ignoring pleas from business leaders in the state.

The law goes even further than most – even permitting people to discriminate based on sexual orientation in “any employment-related decision” and “any decision concerning the sale, rental, [or] occupancy of a dwelling” as long as it’s based on “sincerely held religious belief or moral conviction”.

The law has potentially devastating impacts for LGBT people in life, employment and housing – but Governor Phil Bryant has insisted he’d rather die on the cross than repeal it.

He said of LGBT activists fighting against the law: “They don’t know that Christians have been persecuted throughout the ages.

“They don’t know that if it takes crucifixion, we will stand in line before abandoning our faith and our belief in our saviour Jesus Christ. So if we are going to stand, now is the time and this is the place.”

Mr Farage told Sky News: “I certainly am [going], I can’t wait.

“The governor of Mississippi has invited me and I’m there for a few days and it’s going to be a great, historic event.

“In America they’ve had a political revolution and it’s complete; the problem in Britain is our revolution is not complete because the same people are still in charge.”

The inauguration takes place on January 20.