1 in 4 gay men have contracted an STI while in a relationship

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A new survey has found that one in four gay men have contracted an STI while in a relationship.

Gay men’s mag FS quizzed more than 1,000 guys for the survey.

It found that 23% had contracted an STI while dating a guy, the most common being chlamydia, in 38% of cases, and gonorrhea, 36% of the time.

14% said they contracted HIV while in a relationship, with 44% of those saying they got it from their partner.

Almost half of guys surveyed (41%) said they didn’t use a condom with their partner.

Overall, stats have revealed a sharp decline in new HIV infections in the latest figures.

1 in 4 gay men have contracted an STI while in a relationship

The survey also found that poor communication was the main reason for gay men’s relationships breaking up.

Ian Howley, CEO of gay men’s health charity GMFA, said: “It’s very clear from this survey that gay men are not getting basic sex and relationship education that many heterosexual people receive.

“We grow up in a heterosexual world where same sex relationships are not an everyday sight.

“Building a relationship with someone of the same sex will have different life changing experiences than a couple of the opposite sex.

“However, we get no training as young gay men in how to form stable, healthy relationships with someone of the same sex.

“Many of us go into relationships blindsided, unable to deal with the hard times some relationships might bring. Our inability to communicate transforms into frustration, which may lead to a break up.”