People can’t get enough of Justin ‘Steal Yo Girl’ Trudeau’s candle-lit ‘date night’ with Angela Merkel

Justin Trudeau is apparently just feeding into the hands of social media users who want to turn him into a meme.

This time, having appeared at a candlelit dinner with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Trudeau was surprised with a gift.

Many joked that the private dinner at the Regent hotel in Berlin was a “date night” between the two world leaders.

Merkel also presented Trudeau with a photo of his 10-year-old self when he accompanied his father Pierre Trudeau to meet the then German chancellor Helmut Kohl back in 1982.

Other recent jokes have been made about Trudeau meeting with Ivanka Trump, who many said she “swooned” over him, and about Kate Middleton, when she met the Canadian PM in the UK.

Some dubbed Trudeau as ‘PM steal yo Girl’, while sharing the photos on social media.

Trudeau was the first Canadian leader to address the European Parliament, saying that “trade that is free and fair means that we can make the lives of our citizens more affordable”.

His speech to the Parliament was very pro-EU, saying a trade deal between his nation and the EU would bolster the middle class on both sides.