A child carer was told not to tell parents she is gay incase they thought she was a paedophile

A child carer was allegedly told not to disclose her sexual identity incase parents of the children thought she was a paedophile.

The woman, known only as Sally, told the story on Katie Hopkins’ LBC radio show.

Hopkins was having a discussion with listeners about the “traditional family unit” after the Church of England’s continued opposition to same-sex marriage equality.

Sally, who is a lesbian, called into to tell Hopkin that while she was working as the “head of care” at a residential school somewhere in the UK she was warned not to reveal her sexual identity by the head of the school.

Sally has worked in the childcare sector for a number of years, and has faced a constant stream of discrimination because of her sexuality.

“I was once asked by the head not to let any of the parents know that I was a lesbian, because they wanted for parents to believe that they were safe,” Sally explained.

“There are a lot of people out there who still believe that being homosexual is akin to being a paedophile.

“I think that view prevails throughout society.” she added.

Sally went on to address people’s tolerance in society, and the reaction that she received from friends and family when she came out as a lesbian.

“Until you’ve been on the end of abuse because of something you believe in or because of who you are then it’s very difficult to say that people have the right to think that [they’re liberal] because that right is based on the ignorance of who somebody is.

“This wasn’t a lifestyle choice for me, this is who I am. I was shunned by friends in the church and I lost something so fundamentally important to me,” she added.