Activists threw a dance party to celebrate trans youth outside the White House

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

LGBT activists in Washington D.C. held a dance party outside of the White House to celebrate trans youth.

Demonstrators supported pride flags and rainbow suspenders as they danced to Beyoncé and Michael Jackson in an effort to fight back against trans discrimination.

Activists were inspired to hold the event after the Trump administration rolled back protections for trans students that were set out under President Obama.

Werk for Peace, the Transgender Women of Colour Collective and Empowering the Transgender Community all organised the event that took note of the dance-demonstration held outside of Mike Pence’s home.

Organisers wanted to celebrate young trans people and trans people of colour, while also making a statement against anti-trans policies including North Carolina’s HB2.

“Any attack on our young people will not be ignored or go unchallenged. In formidable opposition, we will take to the White House to WERK it OUT for our liberation,” it said on the Facebook event page.

Firas Nasr, an organiser for Werk for Peace, told Mic that the group hoped the demonstration would send a message of unity.

“As a queer activist, I am working in solidarity with my trans siblings to assert that we are here,” Nasr said. “We will not allow our trans community to be further marginalized.”

Lourdes Ashley Hunter, who is also a trans activist, said that the fight will not stop.

“Now cis folks will understand what it means to not have healthcare, or have your job or income threatened. The election of Donald Trump, it didn’t change my life, because I’ve been fighting for my life all my life.”

Hunter stressed the importance of standing up for trans youth: “Show these young people you can be whoever you want to be. These young kids can know they’re supported.”