Women asked to apply to win The Bachelorette’s heart

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The Australian version of the Bachelorette is asking for both men and women to apply to win the hand of a leading lady.

This would represent the first time either The Bachelor or The Bachelorette has cast a bi person in its leading role, and could result in a same-sex proposal at the end of the series.

It took until series 21 of the US version of The Bachelor – which aired this year – for a contestant to talk about having a same-sex relationship, when Jaimi told Nick about dating a woman.

Women asked to apply to win The Bachelorette’s heart

Two female competitors on The Bachelor in Australia, Megan Marx and Tiffany Scanlon, started going out with each other after meeting on the show.

But LGBT people have never been able to compete to win the heart of a same-sex partner on the reality programme – which is all about to change.

The Bachelorette has posted on a casting website asking for single men and women to apply for its third series.

There are 111 questions on the form aimed at applicants, who must be aged 25 to 35, but precisely none asking the potential participants if they would like to take the lead role.

This shows that the programme is looking for competitors, rather than the main figure.

Women asked to apply to win The Bachelorette’s heart

The news comes a week after it was revealed that Blind Date, the hit British dating show, would feature LGBT pairings for the first time.

Be prepared though, prospective Bachelorette contestants – it gets personal.

As well as questions about your height, weight and waist size, the form becomes steadily more invasive, asking:

How do you behave when you fancy someone?

When it comes to love, do you generally follow your head or your heart? Can you give an example of this?

Tell us about your last relationship (Name, age, how long you were together, why did you split up?)

Are you a faithful partner when in a relationship?

If not, why do you think this is the case?

Have you ever had your heart broken? Tell us about it…

Do you have any skeletons in your closet, e.g. Jilted lovers, sex tapes, unauthorised photos?

And that’s just a few examples.