WARNING FOR PARENTS: Disney is pushing a Heterosexual Agenda on your kids

Parents be warned, Disney is conspiring to force a heterosexual agenda upon your children.

Since its foundation a century ago, the shady corporation has released hundreds of films and TV shows featuring men and women who are in ‘love’, targeted at very young children – many of whom are too impressionable to know it is anything unseemly.

Parents will be shocked to learn that nearly all of Disney’s major film and TV releases, from Cinderella through to The Little Mermaid, include couples comprised of people of the opposite sex.

Some of the couples even get ‘married’ in the films, a shocking development which shows their overt political agenda.

Our exclusive investigation also revealed that Disney mascot Mickey Mouse is ‘married’ to his supposed ‘wife’, Minnie Mouse, a clear attempt to make this depraved lifestyle seem acceptable to children.

Not only that, but Disney’s theme parks openly celebrate heterosexuality – with events held 365 days a year on which you may encounter heterosexual couples and straight families.

Very serious activist Cindy Foster uploaded a warning to Facebook about the serious problem of Disney’s Heterosexual Agenda, tipping us off about the scale of the problem.

She explained: “I had to cancel my trip to Disney World… I found out that they are celebrating heterosexuality every day at Disney!”

After carrying out research she confirmed: “Disney has some stories where there’s a Prince and a Princess and they fall in love… what am I supposed to tell my children?

“Disney’s heterosexual agenda is alarming. They are choosing this heterosexual lifestyle. You want to turn me straight? Disney has some shows, this is going to be alarming to some of you, where the lead characters are heterosexual. I’m done watching it.”

“I’m a loving person, this isn’t about not loving heterosexuals, I love them, I just don’t want to be at an amusement park with them, or going on a ride with them. Just be aware, the heterosexual agenda is out there. They are choosing this lifestyle and they could turn you.”

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