Stars from season 9 of RuPaul’s Drag Race attacked in Los Angeles

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Stars from season 9 of RuPaul’s Drag Race, Valentina and Trinity Taylor, and photographer Jason King have been attacked in Los Angeles.

The three people were harassed and attacked in West Hollywood late on Thursday night.

King posted about the incident, which left him with a broken nose, on Facebook.

He explained that he was walking home with Taylor, James Leyva (Valentina) and two other friends when a man they did not know joined their group but did not say anything.

“After a certain amount of time this became uncomfortable and he was asked very politely by Valentina to please not follow us,” King started.

The man said that his car was parked in the same direction, so the group asked him to go ahead while they waited.

He said the group should go ahead, causing the situation to escalate. Valentina said they would walk a different way, and the stranger punched him.

King jumped into action, but the man then punched King in the nose and broke it.

The photographer spent 9 hours in the emergency room following the incident, but had nothing but praise for police and doctors who were helping the group.

“I know there is a lot of people out there that are against our law enforcement right now and I can understand why they would feel the way they do,” King explained. “I want you all to know though that not every law enforcement person is bad.

“Last night we had about six officers all which I feel I could confidently say were straight, come to our rescue.

“Each and every one of them were not only helpful but friendly and didn’t care that we were gay, didn’t care what we looked like or what colour our skin was,” King added.

He stressed that the police “cared about our safety” and “capturing” the attacker.

“Thank you West Hollywood Sheriff department for all of your help and professionalism. eEspecially to officer Martinez who not only helped us at the scene but called later to check up on us, which he did not have to do.”

King finished the post with a word of warning about being responsible and safe to his friends.

“You never know what could literally happen in a matter of seconds,” he said.