Here’s every RuPaul’s Drag Race finalist who hasn’t appeared on All Stars yet

A graphic of Courtney Act, Peppermint and Mistress Isabelle Brooks superimposed on to the Werk Room of RuPaul's Drag Race (World of Wonder)

With Global All Stars on the horizon and Tia Kofi having just taken the latest crown on UK vs. The World, it would be fair to say that Drag Race’s All Stars format is still going strong. But who is the rumored cast for All Stars 9?

After a long wait, it’s finally been announced that RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 9 will premiere on Friday, May 17. The premiere announcement was made during the grand finale of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 16 on 19 April. As usual, the question on everyone’s lips is: who’s going to appear in this series?

Returning to be judged by Ru and Michelle appears to be more of a gamble if you placed highly on your original season. Chad Michaels and Alaska Thunderf**K 5000 are the only runners-up to return and snatch the crown in their respective All Stars seasons, while original finalist Manila Luzon was eliminated in sixth place in AS4, and Ginger Minj got the boot in eighth on AS2 after making the final on season seven.

That said, here’s every runner-up yet to return to All Stars – with the rumoured All Stars 9 cast list taken into account, so Gottmik and Angeria Paris VanMichaels aren’t anywhere to be seen…

Rebecca Glasscock – season one, third place

She was the OG Drag Race villain, appearing in the first season of the now-global phenomenon.

Rebecca won one challenge, but in the years since 2009 has quit drag indefinitely, meaning an All Stars run is unlikely.

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Courtney Act – season six, second/third place

It’s also unlikely that Australian queen Courtney Act, who won two maxi challenges in the 2014 season, will return, thanks to reported personal issues with RuPaul. She wrote in her memoir that she felt “intentionally, publicly humiliated” by production choices during the season six finale. Not very ace, mate.

Pearl – season seven, second/third place

Another queen we’re unlikely to see on All Stars because of inter-RuPaul-sonal issues is season seven’s Pearl, who finished as runner-up, alongside Ginger Minj, to Violet Chachki.

Aside from the very uncomfortable “Is there something on my face?” moment, Pearl has been openly vocal in condemning Drag Race and RuPaul since her time on the show, and has reacted to Ru talking about her. Still, she picked up two challenge wins on her way to the final.


Kim Chi – season eight, second/third place

Chi is a makeup mogul now, but the lovable season-eight finalist is still high up on many people’s wish lists for a future All Stars.

She picked up two challenge wins during the criminally short season and made it to the final alongside Naomi Smalls – and her finale song, “Fat, Fem and Asian” still lives in our heads rent free.

Peppermint – season nine, runner-up

Peppermint is the only competitor out of season nine’s top four to have not picked up a crown yet, and we’re not alone in thinking that that could change on a future All Stars.

Pep nabbed one challenge win during Sasha Velour‘s victory lap, but was a firm fan-favourite entering the final. She also dominated the first-ever lip-sync for the crown, missing out in the last round to Sasha.

Asia O’Hara – season 10, fourth place

Those damn butterflies. Asia was the only competitor in season 10’s top four not to make it to the final lip-sync of the season, even though she was widely considered to be the frontrunner for the crown.

Asia has starred in various Drag-Race-related project since, including RuPaul’s Drag Race Live! and its accompanying mini-series RuPaul’s Drag Race: Vegas Revue. With two challenge wins, an All Stars crown could be hers.

Kameron Michaels – season 10, second/third place

Kameron Michaels – aka the bodybuilder Barbie – has recently returned to the world of drag. So, could a return to the werk room be imminent?

Season 10’s top three queen made an appearance on All Stars 6 as lip-sync assassins, but, judging by Kameron’s reaction, it wasn’t exactly a happy experience. She picked up a win for the Cher-inspired Ru-sical on her original run.

Brooke Lynn Hytes – season 11, runner-up

This one is unlikely, but a girl can dream. Just losing out to Yvie Oddly in the race to season 11’s crown, Brooke Lynn Hytes had three challenge wins (the most out of the top four), and was the clear choice for many viewers.

Losing really was the new winning, though: the Toronto-born performer has since fronted four (very successful) seasons of international spin-off Canada’s Drag Race, and one Vs. The World version, with another on the way. There may not be the time or a desire for her to step back in front of the judging panel.

Gigi Goode – season 12, second/third place

Part of the famed four-win-club, Georgina Goode has been on one hell of a journey since making season 12’s final alongside fellow runner-up Crystal Methyd.

She’s since come out as trans and has continued to bulldoze the hairstyling game (see season 13 winner Symone for details) and walked for Savage X Fenty.

Crystal Methyd – season 12, second/third place

Gigi’s fellow contestant in Drag Race‘s only finale-by-Zoom, Crystal had one of the show’s best-remembered makeover challenges ever, but only picked up one win elsewhere.

Her kooky style of drag was a welcome addition to the show, and a turn on All Stars to demonstrate just how far her look’s evolved would be stellar (and very useful for those who think drag is a human lace unit and some mascara).

Rosé – season 13, third/fourth place

As we said, we might be seeing Gottmik sooner rather than later in the All Stars arena, so Rosé is the only one out of season 13’s top four yet to return.

Despite three challenge wins (and one top two lip-sync performance), Rosé lost out on her last lip-sync to Kandy Muse.

Lady Camden – season 14, runner-up

The second British queen to appear on the US flagship show, after Charlie Hides, Lady Camden made it all the way to the top two of the sweetest season ever – and became the first runner-up to snatch a nice $50,000 (then close to £80,000) for her troubles.

Camden was a slow-burn starter but eventually scored three wins during her time in the werk room.

Daya Betty – season 14, third/fourth/fifth place

Season fourteen villain Daya Betty is the only queen to be eliminated, return to the competition, and make the final of a season.

She grabbed one win. Could she return again? Well, it seems her season 14 sister, Angeria Paris VanMichaels, has beaten her to it.

Bosco – season 14, third/fourth/fifth place

Another of season 14’s top five queens was similarly beaten to a place in the final two.

Seattle queen Bosco won three challenges went and benefitted from the season’s golden chocolate bar twist, and saved from elimination after losing a lip-sync to Jorgeous.

Anetra – season 15, runner-up

The undeniable fan-favourite of season 15, Anetra faced off against Sasha Colby having bagged three challenge wins and the hearts of America. Although it’s probably to soon to be thinking about a return for her, it’s not impossible.

Mistress Isabelle Brooks – season 15, third/fourth place

Mistress Isabelle Brooks grabbed one challenge win, but her real prize was the damage inflicted upon Loosey LaDuca’s psyche (joking).

It’s at this point that we’ll say, given that season 16 doesn’t finish until Friday (19 April), there’s a distinct possibility that MIB and Plane Jane could be on the same All Stars in the future. X/Twitter would implode. We can only hope.

Luxx Noir London – season 15, third/fourth place

Luxx Noir London recently opened up about being heartbroken following her season loss.

She had two challenge wins – one for design and one for comedy – and was a fierce, fierce competitor.

RuPaul’s Drag Race season 16 concludes on Friday (19 April) on MTV in the US and the following day on WOW Presents Plus internationally.