Trans woman dies after being stabbed in the neck in Brazil

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A transgender woman has died after being stabbed in the neck in Brazil.

40-year-old Wilka was on the way home from visiting a friend when her attacker robbed her and then fatally stabbed her.

Trans woman dies after being stabbed in the neck in Brazil

She suffered three separate stab would to the neck, back and abdomen.

Wilka was in the southern state of Pernambuco, in Loteamento Luiz Gonzaga, when she was attacked last Sunday (March 26th).

While the death is being investigated by the police, they have yet to release any information about a suspect or circumstances.

On Facebook, friends of the woman have shared disturbing images following the attack showing the woman laying in her own blood.

One woman, Heymilly Maynard, shared the images and insisted that she was killed after her identity was confused with a different cis woman.

Maynard wrote that someone tried to rob Wilka and murdered her when they realised she was transgender.

“Wherever you are, have a good rest,” she said, remembering Wilka. “Now you are free of the killers on earth.”

On the post that Maynard shared friends of Wilka left messages remembering her and offering condolences.

One wrote: “God rest her soul in a good place… I know that it becomes a little difficult, but be careful, don’t go in places that might be dangerous, you cannot be too careful… My condolences to you.”

Another added: “My god, why so much violence in this world?”

Wilka’s death comes just weeks after a different trans woman was forced to beg for her life before being beaten to death in Brazil.

If you believe that there should be tougher sentences for transphobic crimes in Brazil and around the world, please sign this petition.