Tracey Ullman rips apart Germaine Greer’s transphobic rants in brilliant sketch (WATCH)

Impersonator Tracey Ullman has turned her attention to Germaine Greer in a hilarious sketch.

Ms Greer, a noted feminist author, has long been outspoken about her beliefs on transgender people, who she claims are de-constructing the meaning of womanhood.

Now legendary comic Tracey Ullman has parodied Greer in a sketch for her recent BBC comedy series.

Greer can be seen lecturing a woman and child at a bus stop, complaining that the bus driver is transgender.

She then complains about people calling her transphobic, saying she’s “called a RTOWWAM”.

She then explains that’s a “racist transphobic old woman with a minge”, at which point the woman vacates the bus stop to escape the ranting Greer.

Watch the brilliant sketch in full here:

The real-life Greer’s comments are more shocking than her on-screen parody’s, however.

Speaking to the Victoria Derbyshire Show, she previously said: “Just because you lop off your d**k and then wear a dress doesn’t make you a f***ing woman.

“I’ve asked my doctor to give me long ears and liver spots and I’m going to wear a brown coat but that doesn’t turn me into a f***ing cocker spaniel.

“A man who gets his d**k chopped off is actually inflicting an extraordinary act of violence on himself.”

Tracey Ullman rips apart Germaine Greer’s transphobic rants in brilliant sketch (WATCH)

Universities tried to ban her following the comments, prompting the government to to speak out.

Despite outrage at the comments, the 78-year-old picked up the ‘Iconoclast’ prize at the 2016 Oldie of the Year awards.

According to the Independent, she said at the ceremony: “I feel I have nicked this award.

“I don’t want to be recognised for being a reactionary. I’m not.

“I don’t want to recognise polarised gender. We are none of us masculine enough, none of us feminine enough. It’s a losing battle.

“The most fuss and bother wasn’t for anything I said and did recently, rather it’s to do with what I wrote years ago.

“It was important to me that women understood femininity as a pose, a posture, a cultural artefact.

“I was talking about this fraud of femininity that women are persuaded to accept. I never actually bought into the fight. I was co-opted into the fight.”

Despite claiming she wasn’t trying to “polarise” views, Greer has spoken out about the issue no fewer than six times.