Army pundit worried Trump and Pence will succumb to gay ‘temptations’

A retired US Army Lieutenant Colonel is worried that Donald Trump and Mike Pence will succumb to the “temptations” of Washington DC’s apparent homosexual lifestyle.

The extraordinary claim comes from Robert L Maginnis, a retired US Army officer and military commentator who frequently appears on Fox News.

Maginnis, who is a member of the anti-LGBT policy coalition known as the Family Research Council, made an appearance on evangelical video channel SkyWatchTV when he warned about the power of homosexuality and its potential impact on the President.

He said: “Any time you have people that are incredibly influential, they’re going to attract those who have agendas that are far from Christian.

“There’s a rank evil that appears in the middle of governments, whether it’s caving to a particular issue… people get wrapped up in their own power are often influenced.

“If you look around Washington, you have Dupont Circle, famous for being the center of homosexuality in Washington, you have all sorts of activities down there that are pretty souring.
Donald Trump and Mike Pence
“You have a lot of witchcraft. You have a lot of hedonism.

“You have all the issues that… when I think of Sodom and Gomorrah, I often think of Washington, D.C. in the same thought.

“It’s unfortunate, because sometimes we have some very good people who come to Washington, well-intended to do the right sorts of things, and yet these people end up coerced because of the nature of politics, to surrender their well-intended ideas to something far worse.

“Even people like President Trump, because the temptations are great.”

Of course, Vice President Mike Pence famously opened up about refusing to dine alone with any woman other than his wife in order to stave off the temptation of having sex with them.

Given Maginnis’ warning, perhaps he and President Trump should take the precautions one step further and not be alone with any man, either.

Hillary Clinton, who achieved three million more votes than Donald Trump in the Presidential election, laid into the leader yesterday on LGBT rights.

In a speech to LGBT activists she cited the administration’s many regressive actions on equality.

She said: “We’ve learned something important: That the progress that we fought for, that many of you were on the front lines of, and that we’ve celebrated and maybe even taken for granted may not be as secure as we once expected.

“And it is not just here in our country that we’re seeing clouds gathering on the horizon. In recent weeks we’ve heard terrifying accounts from Chechnya of gay and bisexual men being taken form their homes and families, tortured, and even killed.

“When government authorities were confronted with these reports their response was chilling. They said you cannot arrest or repress people who do not exist.

“The United States government, yes, this government, should demand an end to the persecution of innocent people across the world.”

“I will say again what I said in 2011: Gay rights are human rights and human rights are gay rights… I think we have to face the fact that we might not ever be able to count on this administration to lead on LGBT issues.

“We need to dedicate these next years, the next two years, the next four years, and beyond to supporting people and organizations that are advocating for the best of American values around the world, here at home, and we also have to win elections to make it clear where our country stands.”

She added: “When you feel a little down, when a good friend or loved one says quit yelling at the television set, just remember we need to resist, insist, persist, and enlist and make sure our voices and our goals are heard.

“We’re going to keep fighting together side by side for equal rights and we’re going to make sure that nobody turns the clock back on what we have achieved as Americans. That is a promise and with your help let’s make sure we keep it.”