First plus-size trans model ‘will be part of campaign with full LGBT representation’

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The first ever plus-size trans model to land a major fashion contract is set to be part of a campaign with “full LGBT representation.”

Shay Neary, who made history when she modelled for New York retailer Coverstory in December, has now come to the UK.

The 28-year-old, who lives in New York, is now modelling for plus-size fashion label Yours Clothing’s spring and summer lines.

First plus-size trans model ‘will be part of campaign with full LGBT representation’

And now the brand, which emphasises that “fashion doesn’t end at a size 14, and we’re the proof,” is planning an autumn collection which represents the whole LGBT rainbow, including Neary.

Speaking to Bustle, the model said: “From what [brand executive Rosie Middleton] told me, they most definitely want to use me in the fall for possibly a more diverse collection.

“One where they pull out a full LGBT representation.”

In the meanwhile, Neary is filling a vital gap in the output of Yours Clothing, which caters for sizes 16 to 36.

“They have a very large trans clientele,” she explained, “and they get a lot of questions in their customer service box about how to get the shape and figure of a woman.”

She praised the brand for taking on a campaign with a plus-size trans model, saying: “They’re not just doing it for the ticket.

“They’re doing it because they genuinely understand their consumer.”

And she had some advice for others going through what she has struggled with.

“I come from an older generation of trans people, where you were fearful to be spotted for being trans,” she said.

“I focused on passability. Now, what I want to tell trans [people] is just be yourself. Whatever comes along with that, be yourself.

First plus-size trans model ‘will be part of campaign with full LGBT representation’

“You don’t have to hit either side of the [gender] margin, and your style can represent that. If you want to put on a dress and a blazer, you rock that.”

Writing in Yours Clothing’s style guide, she added: “Sometimes finding yourself takes a long time.

“Transitioning teaches us to become ourselves. But we sometimes forget who we were.

“There are days where I don’t wear makeup and wear relaxed clothing. I don’t look like my normal fem-bot self. THAT’S OK!” she told customers.

“We are constantly changing, so you aren’t meant to always look the same. Get comfortable with the not so pretty, and the confidence will start to blossom.

“You’ve got to love yourself beyond the facade of beauty.”