Sex and the City star Cynthia Nixon: ‘I didn’t really identify as bisexual’

Sex and the City star Cynthia Nixon has clarified comments she made when she appeared to suggest she “chose” to be bisexual.

The star caused controversy shortly before her marriage, when she claimed her homosexuality was a choice.

Cynthia Nixon at the 2015 Sundance Festival

She later clarified her comments by saying that while her bisexuality was a fact and by no means a choice, she did ‘choose’ was to be in a gay relationship.

Nixon added that she was speaking strictly of herself, not about the LGBT community at large.

Now, speaking to the Huffington Post, the star has again addressed the controversy and her identity, saying she felt pressured to pick a label.

“I didn’t really identify as bisexual,” she said, “but people were so insistent that I pick a ― you know, it caused a huge controversy and everyone wanted to graft on to me this narrative ― [that] I felt that I had just simply been mistaken about myself for all these years and finally the veil was lifted and I was a lesbian. And that was not true.”

Nixon also spoke about her role in A Quiet Passion, the upcoming biopic of poet Emily Dickinson written and directed by Terence Davies.

The actress speculates that Dickinson could have been bisexual, and spoke about how hard it is to capture the true essence of her story so many years on.

“I do think she was [bisexual.] It’s so hard for us 150 years later to really get tone right,” she adds.

The actor says she has read letters sent between Dickinson and her sister-in-law Susan Gilbert, saying she thought there “was a love affair there”.

“I do think it seems very clear that whatever the nature of that relationship was, that Emily had passionate love affairs with men as well, and again whether those had a physical component or they were a love from afar, it’s very hard for us to to know,” Nixon said.

“But certainly I think the ardour was there with Susan and with certainly one other man, probably three men she was in love with.”

She also hit out at President Trump, saying that she wants to help empower minorities to stand up to him.

“It’s very daunting, but I think it’s really important to be in full possession of what victories we’ve had, because we’ve had quite a few,” she added.

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“And certainly the triumph of our judicial system, and blocking the Muslim ban. And it’s not just our judicial system. It’s also people all over this country standing up and saying, ‘Absolutely not. This goes against everything we believe in this country. No! Not here! Not here!’ I think standing up and rejecting the repeal of Obamacare. That has to do with the people in our Senate and our Congress but that mostly has to do with people all over the country and screaming, ‘No!’”

The actor earlier this year hit out at President Trump for his lack of commitments to protect the LGBT+ community.

Cynthia Nixon and her wife

The actor, who opened up about having relationships with women some years ago, attacked the President at a rally at the Stonewall Inn in New York City.

Nixon married her partner, Christine Marinoni, in 2012 – after the pair met in 2004.

The Tony-award winning actor was previously married to the photographer Danny Mozes, with whom she had two children.