Gay tourist attacked at festival in Bahamas with bottles and rocks

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A gay American tourist has been attacked at a festival in the Bahamas.

Adrian Brown, who is in the US Navy, “was attacked and beaten with bottles and rocks”, at the Junkanoo Festival in Nassau, according to the Washington Blade.

The president of Bahamas Transgender Intersex United, Alexus D’Marco told the Blade that Brown had been attacked after two men threw water over him while he danced.

Gay tourist attacked at festival in Bahamas with bottles and rocks

“They replied because you’re a sissy batty man dancing up,” D’Marco told the Blade.

“They began to hit the tourist with bottles and rocks.”

Brown wrote on Facebook that the two men had called him “sissy” and “batty man”.

Brown attended the hospital after the attack.

According to D’Marco, the police were “nowhere to be found” during the attack, and that the men were chased away by locals.

But one of the men is now in police custody.

“Thank God good Bahamians were around to run after the boys,” D’Marco told the Blade.

“These tourists are our bread and butter,” she added. “This stuff cannot be going ok at international events we host here in the Bahamas.”

A video was circulated apparently showing Brown being attacked, but it has not been verified.

Chief Superintendent Clayton Fernander told the Nassau Guardian that he did not know of the attack.

He said the crime “did not come to the Central Detective Unit… but that is not to say that it didn’t happen,” he said.