Caitlyn Jenner ‘looking into’ becoming politician to fight Donald Trump’s anti-trans agenda

Caitlyn Jenner

Caitlyn Jenner is considering becoming a politician to fight for LGBT causes.

The reality TV star has repeatedly spoken out about her opposition to policies imposed by Donald Trump’s administration.

She told the BBC that Trump’s approach to LGBT rights “doesn’t make me regret my vote yet,” but that his actions, which include revoking guidance protecting trans students, were “very disappointing”.

Caitlyn Jenner (BBC)

The Olympic gold medal winner was asked by BBC host Victoria Derbyshire if she would consider running for office.

She said: “I do a lot of political stuff, but it is mostly all behind the scenes.

“I have been asked that question quite a bit, to be honest with you – over the next year I’m looking into it.

In an interview with ABC last month, Jenner said her “deal-breaker with the Republican party” was that “if you mess with my community – you don’t give us equality and a fair shot – I’m coming after you.”

Today, she emphasised that she was searching for ways to “do a better job for my community, in bringing the Republican Party around when it comes to all LGBT issues.

“Is it from the outside? Kind of working on the outside and the perimeter and working with everybody to get the Republicans to change their thinking?” she asked.

“Or is it better off being on the inside and actually running for a Congress or Senate seat? Can I do more good there? And those are the things that I am evaluating.”

She certainly sounded like a politician in this morning’s interview, as she spoke about problems affecting trans people.

Caitlyn Jenner (Getty)

“We have such issues in our community,” she said.

“The murder rate right now for trans people – we have had nine since the beginning of the year.”

Earlier this week, that figure rose to 10 with the killing of Brenda Bostick in New York.

Jenner rightly pointed out that these victims were “mostly all trans women of colour. That’s where the real problems are.

And she said the trans community has “a suicide rate that’s just out of control.

“41 percent of trans people attempt suicide before the age of 21.”

Last month, Jenner spoke about considering suicide before she came out as trans.

It was for reasons like this, she said, that she would not be encouraging anyone to transition before they were absolutely prepared for the consequences.

“I don’t want to be responsible for people going through this.

“Because when you transition it’s not just you. It’s your entire family, it’s every loved one you have. It is a huge, major, major decision in your life.”

Earlier this week, Jenner said it was “hard” to give up on life as Bruce, and that her pre-transition persona “still lives inside”.

She told The Guardian newspaper: “I had a life for 65 years. OK?

“I liked Bruce. He was a good person. He did a lot in his life. Oh, ‘he didn’t even exist’.

“Yes he did exist! He worked his butt off. He won the [Olympic] Games. He raised amazing kids.

“He did a lot of very, very good things and it’s not like I just want to throw that away.”