Emmanuel Macron and Justin Trudeau are photographed together and the internet goes wild

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The internet has reacted with glee to the first photos of Emmanuel Macron and Justin Trudeau – the President of France and the Prime Minister of Canada – together at this week’s NATO summit.

Many Twitter users joked that the two national leaders, who are both straight and married to women, even looked like a couple on a romantic wedding photoshoot.

Both have developed the status of “political heartthrobs” within certain online circles.

Emmanuel Macron and Justin Trudeau are photographed together and the internet goes wild

Trudeau, in particular, has been described as “dreamy” by some pundits.

The arrival of Trudeau and Macron as leaders of their respective countries has prompted frantic commentary on their appearances in recent months – usually a treatment reserved for female politicians.

Get a man who looks at you like Macron & Trudeau look at each other. (You’d probably also settle for a man who looks like Macron or Trudeau) pic.twitter.com/omDa1pjf8A

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— Tara Mulholland (@tara_mulholland) May 26, 2017

Apparently Justin Trudeau and Emmanuel Macron flew to Sicily for their wedding photoshoot. pic.twitter.com/7trjOsXlfi

— tessa (@sherlockify) May 26, 2017

This image of Trudeau and Macron in Sicily is right out of a liberal fantasy dream sequence. pic.twitter.com/3ayVQmMyrK

— Dhruva Jaishankar (@d_jaishankar) May 26, 2017

Not even Emmanuel Macron can stop himself from gazing adoringly at Justin Trudeau. pic.twitter.com/GB9Jd10gG7

— Oonagh (@Okeating) May 26, 2017

Earlier this month fashion magazine Elle asked: “Who is hotter, Emmanuel Macron or Justin Trudeau?”, before concluding that “Trudeau is still hotter”.

And in 2015 Trudeau was named by fashion magazine Vogue as one of the “sexiest men alive”.

He appeared in the “unconventional alternatives” part of the list, alongside Hollywood actors Benedict Cumberbatch and Oscar Isaac.

Justin Trudeau looks like The Bachelor and Macron has just stolen him away for a second. pic.twitter.com/tXLdSrD02j

— Hanna Ines Flint (@HannaFlint) May 26, 2017

Who’s cuter? French President Emmanuel Macron or Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau https://t.co/WKu2vGtXiD pic.twitter.com/J0NXVdZqao

— Queerty (@Queerty) May 20, 2017

Both leaders also have strong records on LGBT rights.

Trudeau used his Madagascar speech to the International Organization of la Francophonie summit in 2015 to push the topic of LGBT rights to assembled leaders, many of whom presided over French-speaking countries in which homosexuality is illegal.

Macron’s record has also been praised by LGBT campaigners.

In the French Presidential election earlier this year, he dedicated a full section of his manifesto to addressing LGBT issues, pledging to end everyday homophobia and workplace discrimination.

Emmanuel Macron

Macron even chose to appear “topless” on the front cover of a gay French magazine during the campaign.

It quickly emerged that Macron’s head was photoshopped onto the body of a “very, very toned man”.

The cover image appeared with the tagline: “Coming out: a necessary fight”.

Some French pundits criticised the magazine for the cover, describing the image as demeaning and insulting to the political independent, who was subjected to false rumours about his sexuality during the campaign.