Pretty Little Liars fans ecstatic as character reveals her lesbian love

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Pretty Little Liars fans are over-the-moon about a possible lesbian romance between two of the show’s main characters.

Since Tuesday’s episode aired, fans of the series have been furiously shipping Emily and Alison with the hashtag #emison.

Pretty Little Liars season 7 spoilers ahead

Sasha Pieterse and Shay Mitchell
Actresses Sasha Pieterse (Alison) and Shay Mitchell (Emily). (Instagram @shaymitchell)

In the episode, we find out that Alison is pregnant with the help of Emily’s eggs.

Quick recap here for anyone who is lost in all the PLL plot-twists: Emily donated her eggs; they were stolen by a mysterious villain; the villain then used them to inseminate Alison.

Just basic PLL stuff, right?

After finding out that the baby is half Emily’s, Alison – who was previously set on getting an abortion – decided to keep the baby.

I know what you’re all thinking, and yes: this means #emison are having a baby.

As if that wasn’t enough, creator Marlene King has decided to give #emison’s supporters another gift.

After she found out the truth about the baby, Emily’s ex-girlfriend Paige decided to leave.

But she couldn’t walk out before having a heart-breaking talk with Alison, who reveals that she’s in love with Emily.

“I know how I feel when she looks at me.

“I never felt that with anyone before. It’s like she sees who you really are,” Alison tells her.

“You look at her, you look at her eyes and you wanna be worth the effort.

“You wanna be the person she sees.”

And with that speech, #emison supporters were filled with joy amid thoughts of a plausible #emisonendgame.

Actress Shay Mitchell, who has said playing a lesbian was the best part of the series for her, also tweeted during the episode.

She also suggested a name for the baby.

#Emison fans will be bracing themselves ahead of the last five episodes of the season, which will bring the seven-year-long show to a close.

Watch this sneak peak from episode 16, which will be released on Tuesday.