Geri Halliwell finally apologises for leaving the Spice Girls

Spice Girls fans will remember vividly how Geri Halliwell, now Geri Horner, walked out on the band.

It was 19 years ago when she turned her back on the band.

The Spice Girls were midway through their world tour when the news broke, throwing everyone into a state of confusion.

Geri Halliwell finally apologises for leaving the Spice Girls

Geri left the band to launch her own solo career, for which she had mixed success.

Now she has broken her two decades of silence on the exit.

Responding to a fan account highlighting the anniversary, Geri wrote: “I’m sorry about that …?, everything works out in the end ? , that’s what my mum says! X”

Fans soon lapped up the apology – many saying they struggled to like Geri after the shock split.

There’s more good news for Spice Girls fans – a rumoured reunion is back on the cards.

After months of rumours about whether or not the get together would happen, it looked like the idea was dead.

Victoria Beckham had apparently refused to take part in a reunion, as she expands her fashion brand with new stores and a range in Target.

However now Geri Horner, formerly Ginger Spice, has spoken out about new plans.

She told The Sun: “We’re not re-forming immediately, but in the near future,” with a source adding that Mel’s divorce was a sticky point in the plans.

Geri Horner recently broke down on TV after naming her newborn after her late friend, George Michael.

All the talk around a reunion comes after Emma recently teased that there could be another Spice Girls album.

She told The Sun: “We’re always talking about it. I think it would be amazing, so I’m on the case and Geri’s the same.

“It’s about finding the perfect time. We want to make it right for our fans. But it would be a shame not to do something.”

A video of the Spice Girls recently emerged from back in their heydey.

They had some pretty strong words for a film crew who tried to get them to show more skin in a video.