US pastor claims ‘pro-sodomy’ Ariana Grande is as harmful as terrorism

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A US pastor has claimed that singer Ariana Grande could be more dangerous than the terrorists who killed innocent children at her concert.

22 innocent people were killed during the attack on the singer’s concert in Manchester, UK, last month.

Over the weekend, Maryland pastor David Whitney delivered a sermon in which he questioned whether Grande’s support for LGBT rights and support for her gay brother are actually more harmful.

In his sermon, picked up by Right Wing Watch, Whitney explains: “I did a little research about what she was about, and everything she stands for is quite eye opening. She is an open advocate for sodomy.
Ariana Grande
“She was raised in a Christian household, but now clearly rejects everything that Christianity stands for.

“She states that she did so for a particular reason, because her brother is a sodomite. She threw Christianity out, lock, stock and barrel.”

Whitney is pastor of Cornerstone Evangelical Free Church in Pasadena, Maryland.

He also has ties with white nationalist Neo-Confederate group League of the South and is the Chaplain of the ‘Southern National Congress’.

The pastor also attacked the singer’s religious beliefs. Grande practices Kabbalah, a mystical belief system that originated in Judaism.

“She has embraced not only sodomy, but a satanic cult religion … it’s called Kabbalah, it is a Jewish cult belief system that is the opposite, in a sense, of our Christian faith.”

“It appears this Ariana is like the Pied Piper of Hamelin, leading a whole generation of young people, and indeed some very young people, to a very dangerous place. [She is] indeed a dangerous woman, leading them down this dangerous road.”

He continued: “This dangerous woman is promoting every form of immorality and indeed she is promoting satanism by her music and by her lyrics and by her gyrations.

“So while we can measure accurately the damage that the suicide bomber accomplished – we can count the body bags, we can read the list of those in the hospital recovering from their injuries that the suicide bomber caused – it is far more difficult to measure the damage done by this dangerous woman.

“Exactly how many souls has she led down the path of destruction?”

Watch the clip via Right Wing Watch:

A right-wing US pastor recently claimed that Christians can bake magic cakes to cure homosexuality.

Dallas-based internet pastor Lance Wallnau made the extraordinary claim in a Periscope livestream with his followers.

Responding to a woman who is hoping to cure her son’s homosexuality, the preacher recounted a story in which evangelicals were able to convince a gay bar owner to renounce his homosexuality through the magic of cake.