Gabby Logan opens up about encouraging her kids to be gender-fluid

Gabby Logan with son Reuben

BBC Sport presenter Gabby Logan has opened up allowing her children to find their own gender.

She broke through as one of the first and still most prominent female faces of sports coverage, and now she’s helping her kids break barriers – if they want to.

Logan, who has presented Sports Personality of the Year and the London Marathon for the past few years, has two 11-year-old twins, Lois and Reuben.

And she told The Sun: “I encourage gender fluidity at home.

“I don’t try to force my daughter into only being into girly things like clothes and makeup.

“And I don’t try to force my son into only being interested in typically male things either.”

Logan, 44, has come a long way since being known mainly as the daughter of Leeds United footballer and Wales manager Terry Yorath.

And she said her children should be able to carve out their own paths, just like she did.

“I think it’s so important to let kids do what they want to do and leave them be,” she said.

“Let them make up their own minds about what they wear.

“If my daughter wants to wear an outfit I don’t like – or have her hair a ­certain way – I won’t intervene.”

Fellow sports presenter Clare Balding has admitted to feeling “exhausted” at being constantly asked about her sexuality during interviews.

In 2015, she told Press Association: “I tell you what…I’m not going to talk in this interview about being gay.

“I suspect Gabby Logan isn’t asked about being married or being a mother.”

It seems that she was wrong about that last point.

Earlier this year, Britain welcomed its first reported genderfluid police officer.