Doctor Who just had an incredible LGB moment

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Doctor Who had a brilliant LGB moment in last night’s episode.

In episode 10, series 10 we see the Doctor, Bill and Nardole caught in the middle of an ancient battle.

Lucius the bisexual soldier
Lucius the bisexual soldier (Photo BBC)

Halfway through the episode, Bill, who is a lesbian companion to the doctor, has a conversation with some Roman soldiers.

The Centurion guard, Lucius, is seen trying to comfort Bill, played by Pearl Mackie.

A different guard then takes a jibe at Lucius: “Don’t worry Bill, Lucius will look after you.”

The guard then gives Bill a flirtatious smile, causing the character to feel compelled to explain that she is a lesbian – something she finds difficult to tackle considering she is talking to ancient soldiers.

“There’s something I should explain, this is probably a really difficult idea. I don’t like men that way,” she starts.

“What, not ever?” the guard asks.

“Nah, not ever. Only women,” Bill explains.

The guard “get’s it” immediately and understands that Bill is like Vitus, who only likes men.

“Some men,” Vitus says. “Better-looking men than you, Lucius”.

“I don’t think it’s narrow-minded. I think it’s fine, you know what you like,” Lucius says.

Bill speaks to an ancient soldier about sexuality in Doctor Who
Bill speaks to an ancient soldier about sexuality in Doctor Who (Photo BBC)

Bill then asks if he likes both – which he does.

“I’m just ordinary, I like men and women,” he explained.

Bill quips at the situation saying that it is “all so modern”.

The story takes a hilarious turn when the guard says that Bill is “restricted” for only liking women, but that they can be friends.