Gogglebox star Scarlett Moffatt slams fans who criticised her choice of drag queen gifts for little sister

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A Gogglebox star has slammed fans who criticised her choice of birthday gifts for her 11-year-old sister.

Scarlett Moffatt, a reality TV star who has also appeared on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, gave her younger sister, Ava, drag queen themed gifts for her birthday.

Scarlett Moffatt gifted her younger sister Ava with RuPaul's drag race gifts
Scarlett Moffatt gifted her younger sister Ava with RuPaul’s drag race gifts (Photo by Scarlett Moffatt / Instagram)

She shared a picture of her sister and the presents, mainly merchandise from RuPaul’s drag race, on her Instagram.

“When you surprise you little sister on her 11th birthday with everything drag queen related including a life size @rupaulofficial,” she wrote alongside the picture.

However, some fans who follow the star questioned the choice of presents and claimed that they were not “appropriate” for the young girl.

“Sorry but why would you expose these kinda ideas to children so young,” one person wrote.

Another said: “So confused why you would do this for an 11-year-old?”

Moffatt slammed the fans for displaying the homophobic views and called for them to embrace being different.

“Why is this odd? I tell my little sister to be a fruit loop in a bowl full of cheerios! Why be like everyone else when you have family that support you and love you for you no matter what you like or dislike,” she wrote in response to the comments.

She explained that when they watch the show with their parents they will “fast forward any parts that aren’t child friendly”.

The star added that drag queens were similar to pantomime and that she is taking her younger sister to a RuPaul convention in New York City – something that she deems child appropriate.

“Have you ever been to a pantomime? I’m sorry but I really don’t understand why you have such a problem.

“I’m taking her to New York to a Rupaul drag convention where these is a CHILD AREA – if it wasn’t meant for children why would there be an area specified for them. Let’s just all stay positive and embrace the fact everyone’s different and unique,” she added.

Thankfully, the majority of Moffatt’s fans were incredibly supportive of her embracing inclusivity for her sister.

“If people were all the same, this planet would be a boring, monotonous place to live. By people daring to be different, we have art, poetry, plays, TV, light bulbs, electricity, the wheel,” one person wrote.

Another added that their 12-year-old daughter had introduced them to the show and both her and her husband loved it.

Some of Moffatt’s younger fans pined after the gifts and said that they “wished” they had an older sister like her.