This man’s parents keep encouraging him to come out even though he’s straight

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It is everybody’s dream to have parents and family who are supportive of your sexuality but for this man, his parents are a little too overboard with their support.

Reddit user Wakaawak told his fellow Redditors how his parents think he is gay when in reality he is completely straight.

The man explained that his parents are supportive of the sexuality they’ve imagined for him, and consistently will him to come out.

“For the last six years of my life, I’ve been met with monthly off-the-cuff talks about how it’s okay to be gay,” he wrote.

While it may seem like somewhat of a joke to the majority of us, it has become a real issue for Wakaawak.

He explained that he feels under scrutiny whenever his parent’s friends are in the house – not because of homophobia, but rather because he hasn’t “come out” yet.

“I can almost feel the curiosity whenever friends are having a cup of tea over at our house,” he explained.

The man explained that the thought had stemmed from the fact that he had never told his parents about relationships he has had, because he is British, and “any sort of emotional relationship connection is major taboo”.

He added that he had been put off from telling his parents about his relationships because he was “alienated” by them when he spoke about girls as a young boy.

Wakaawak asked other Redditors for advice on how he should deal with his parents, given that he is now living with them for the summer before starting his final year at uni.

“Studies, relationships, and career aside, this is number one thing in my life that is seriously bothering me. Very lucky that I can say that, but this is a first world problem.”

“What can I do to shift their opinion while I’m at home for the next 3 months? The only people I can think of asking out on dates go to university, so will rarely be able to meet them up in the holidays (or bring them back home).

“Is it literally a case of putting up posters of supermodels in my room?”

Most people resonated with his feeling of not wanting to open up about relationships with his parents and offered some sound advice.

One person wrote: “You don’t have anything to prove to them. If you feel like sitting down and talking to them about things then do that.

“Having a direct conversation might be the best thing and also have an exit strategy so that it doesn’t dwindle on.”

However, another person suggested that the next time he’s given the talk, he should “flip it on them and say you’ll love them no matter what, and that you know a guy/gal who’s into older men/women if they want introductions”.