Iraqi actor kidnapped, tortured and killed ‘for looking gay’

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A young Iraqi actor has been tortured and murdered after being targeted for his effeminate appearance.

Karar Noshi was a graduate of Baghdad University’s College of Fine Arts who worked at a theatre in the capital.

He was found dead on Palestine Street yesterday, a busy road in the centre of the city.

karar noshi

Noshi had previously received death threats because of his unusual hairstyle and taste in fashion, Kurdistan24 has reported.

Witnesses told the news outlet that Noshi’s corpse showed signs of torture and stab wounds.

He had reportedly been planning to take part in a male beauty pageant.

His family confirmed his death shortly after the body was discovered.

Reports indicate that Noshi was aware of the threats against him, but had no intention of backing down from expressing himself in the way he chose.

He said he embodied “every young man fighting with all his honour to defend the nation.”

His pictures, he said, were “theatrical and cinematic works of art, which I pride myself on.

“I cherish my personal freedom to build a unique external appearance.

karar noshi

“I remain silent about the abusive responses that undoubtedly reflect the level of their writers,” he added.

His fans adored his stance and appearance, calling him Iraq’s “beauty king”.

karar noshi

Pictures of his dead body have been circulated online by those outraged by his murder.

Nevertheless, no-one has yet been arrested.