Trans people in Philadelphia attacked with fireworks and paintballs

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

Transgender people in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, are being targeted with attacks using fireworks and paintballs.

The Philadelphia police force confirmed that they were hunting a suspect who is believed to be targeting trans people in the city with violence.

The most recent attacks occurred on Thursday.

A couple walking down a street were fired at with a paintball gun by people in a dark grey Infiniti car.

An hour after this incident paintballs were also fired outside of Morris Home.

The home is an alcohol and drug treatment centre for trans people.

Three people were hit in the second attack.

Philadelphia Police Lieutenant John Walker said that the people were visibly injured from the attack but did not need to seek out medical help.

He said: “They had welts on their bodies which show visible signs of injury, but fortunately they haven’t received medical treatment, but they are in a little bit of pain.”

Earlier this week on July 4 residents at Morris home were also targeted.

Walker confirmed: “A couple residents were sitting on the porch and they believe a neighbour resident walked by and threw an M-80 on the porch to scare them”.

The victims also suffered shock as they thought the sound was actual gunfire.

They said that the attacker laughed when they drove away.

An employee of the centre was also attacked with a firework in a separate incident.

Walker said that police were not sure if the victims were being targeted because of their gender identity but said that they were investigating if the attacks are hate crimes.

“They should have the right to sit on the porch and right to walk around this neighbourhood without feeling harassed or threatened,” Walker added.

Using paintball guns in an attack can be considered assault with a deadly weapon.