Meet DC’s incredible new genderfluid superhero

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Meet the genderfluid superhero who has been created by one of the giants of the industry.

DC Comics is set to introduce a character called Doctor Endless, the first genderfluid person in the new DC Universe.

And they look amazing.

doctor endless dc comics
(DC Comics)

Their jet-black hair is interrupted by a dashing white lock, a pattern which is reflected by the doctor’s sharp monochrome suit.

And of course, the best part of their ensemble is the psychedelic, rainbow-lapelled, rainbow-lined trench coat which billows dramatically behind them.

Inspired by Neil Gaiman’s comic books series The Sandman, the hero will be introduced to readers in the first edition of Suicide Squad: The Black Files, in August, according to Bleeding Cool.

DC is one of the most recognisable companies in modern life, having been engaged in an endless turf war with Marvel Comics.

And now, in addition to blockbuster film franchises involving paragons like Superman and Batman, the new DC landscape will feature a genderfluid hero.

Doctor Endless will be tracking down Sebastian Faust, a US government operative who has gone rogue.

They will be joined by anti-heroes like El Diablo, Gentleman Ghost and Enchantress, who was played by Cara Delevingne in last year’s Academy Award-winning DC film.

Neil Gaiman, who created The Sandman series in the late 80s, still has to give his approval for DC to use the character with Sandman references.

Dr Endless (DC Comics)
Dr Endless (DC Comics)

It is understood that the company will move ahead either way, but Gaiman seems likely to greenlight the concept.

After all, he wrote in the first genderfluid character in mainstream comics when he made Desire, a character in The Sandman.

The inspiration for Doctor Endless’s genderfluid nature seems to come from Desire.

Desire was naturally agender, and became genderfluid to switch between genders when it helped achieve their goals.

It has been a year of progress for LGBT superheroes.

Marvel gave America Chavez, a queer Latina teenager with lesbian parents, her own comic which saw the Nazi-punching hero take the spotlight.

And Power Rangers featured the first ever gay superhero in a blockbuster film, when Trini – the Yellow Ranger – came out to her fellow Rangers.