DC Comics to introduce powerful new trans and non-binary superhero Circuit Breaker

A promo image of new trans non-binary DC Comics superhero, Circuit Breaker. The image is set on an orange background with the character dressed in black wearing a black eyemask and is looking down as his arms are drawn in a way that suggests they're moving in a spiral fashion and there's a green mist that can be seen around him

A powerful trans and non-binary superhero named Circuit Breaker is set to make their DC Comics debut on Valentine’s Day.

Circuit Breaker, whose real name is Jules Jordain, will use the pronouns he/they – a confirmation of the hero’s trans identity.

Designer AL Kaplan confirmed Circuit Breaker will make their comic debut in Lazarus Planet: Dark Fate, with the first volume being released on the 14 February.

According to comic designers, Circuit Breaker is set to wield the “Still Force” – the mirror opposite to the “Speed Force” used by the Flash. Set to have a run-in with the classic hero himself, fans can expect a queer superhero adventure of the highest calibre.

The character’s announcement has already seen fans creating their own interpretation of the LGBTQ+ hero, with DC Comic editor Andrea Shea saying they were “freaking out”.

DC Comics took to Twitter saying: “Slow down and take a look, DC Fans! A new DC Super Hero, Circuit Breaker, debuts in LAZARUS PLANET: DARK FATE on February 14!”

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The comic powerhouse has introduced several LGBTQ+ characters over the years, including Superman’s bisexual son Jonathan Kent, a queer interpretation of Batman’s sidekick Robin and Batwoman.

TV series Harley Quinn introduced a relationship between Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy – two iconic villains of the billionaire caped crusader.

Last year, DC released a book showcasing a collection of stories focusing on queer heroes. Released on 31 May 2022 it “celebrates the strength and courage it takes to be a DC Super Hero”.

The special, 104-page anthology comic put the spotlight on LGBTQ+ characters from the extended DC Comics universe.

Alongside the Pride Month issue, DC released Pride-themed variant covers of some of their most popular titles including Superman and Harley Quinn.

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