Russian couple seeking asylum in Germany questioned about sexuality for four hours

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A gay couple from Russia seeking asylum in Germany has allegedly been questioned by a judge for four hours about their sexuality because the judge did not believe that they are gay.

Pavel Tupikov and Igor Popialkovskii had left Russia after their lives were put at risk when a police officer blackmailed them.

The two fled to Germany and are now in the process of seeking asylum and part of that process meant that Tupikov had to appear in front of a judge to appeal a deportation notice from the Federal Office for Migration.

Tupikov said that he was questioned by the judge for four hours about his sexuality because the judge did not believe that he is gay.

The judge reportedly asked about Tupikov’s partners, how many sexual encounters he had and other intimate details.

“He wanted to know everything,” the 41-year-old told Wochenblatt. “He asked me when I had my first time, with whom and how it was.”

Tupikov added: “The judge also said he does not believe that we are a couple. How can I prove that we are a couple? Should we kiss in court?”

As the couple is struggling with the fees for the court hearings, Amnesty International has decided to take up their case.

“We often have to go hungry because we can not buy food,” Tupikov explained.

Popialkovkii said that they lived in fear while they were still in Russia.

“Our friends live there in great fear,” he said.

He added that his ex-boyfriend had been stabbed in a homophobic attack.

For Popialkovkii and Tupikov, Russia could never be their home so they hope that their case is successful and they can continue to live and work in the country.

Popialkovkii hopes to soon start training as a tax accountant while Tupikov is aiming to become a teacher.

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