No, Caitlyn Jenner is not recording a song with Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler

Caitlyn Jenner and Steven Tyler

Caitlyn Jenner will not be performing a duet with Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler.

The trans activist, who is currently considering running for a seat in the Californian senate – with the support of Paris Jackson – posted a photo of herself with Tyler yesterday on Instagram.

In the caption, Jenner wrote that she and the singer were “working on our duet for Dude Looks Like a Lady. One of my favourite songs!”

And yesterday on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the gold medal-winning Olympian spoke about how the tune how had helped her through some dark times before her transition.

She met Tyler at a fundraising event in Minneapolis, revealing to Kimmel that she had told the musician she had endured “some really, really tough times in my life.

“And I said for six years at one point I stayed in my house, and every once in a while I would get dressed, sneak out in the dark and drive around,” she continued.

Jenner said she told Tyler: “‘I always used to take your song Dude Looks Like a Lady, and it was like, that became my theme song, driving around in my little car with my little cd in there, whipping up the tunes.’

“And I said: ‘I just want you to know, that made me feel good.’

“He loved it; he said: ‘Oh, we’ve got to get together.'”

The reality TV star also said she told Tyler that “you ticked me off, because back then you could wear your hair long, and society said I couldn’t wear my hair long.”

But a representative for Jenner poured cold water on the idea that she and Tyler could team up for what would be a controversial record.

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“It was a caption on a photo she posted earlier of the two of them when they met recently,” the spokesperson told HuffPost.

“No recording plans,” they added.

During her appearance on the talk show, Jenner also talked to Kimmel about struggling with her gender identity.

“It’s very difficult to go through your life with this,” she said.

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“I never knew anybody else who was trans until after I came out.

“It was a life of secrets. It was a life of hiding,” she added.

She may not be becoming a recording artist any time soon, but Jenner’s potential foray into politics has long been signposted.

The activist suggested earlier this year that she was “looking into” becoming a politician in order to fight President Trump’s anti-trans agenda.

Watch Jenner’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! appearance below: