Queen Elizabeth revealed her favourite pop song and it’s a gay anthem

Her Majesty the Queen is arguably the most famous person in the world, yet we know relatively little about her.

The British head of state has been ruling for more than 60 years, making her the longest-serving monarch in the country’s history.

But her likes and dislikes, her routine and her hobbies remain largely a secret.

Queen Elizabeth revealed her favourite pop song and it’s a gay anthem

We do know that Queen Elizabeth likes to eat high fibre weight loss cereal Special K for breakfast.

And she is woken up by the Piper to the Sovereign at 9am each morning, who plays for 15 minutes.

She is also renowned for her love of gin, alongside champagne (of course) and, more surprisingly, chocolate biscuit cake.

But what does the Queen listen to as she indulges in gin and cake?

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BBC Radio 2 host Chris Evans has revealed a very special dinner he attended, where the Queen surprised everyone by revealing her favourite tune.

Evans, according to a close friend who has shared the story, was attending a dinner hosted by Her Majesty at Windsor Castle when the revelation emerged.

After dinner had been served and post-dinner speeches heard, music began to play in the room.

To many people’s surprise, the Queen looked delighted at the playing song – ABBA’s disco classic Dancing Queen.

The Queen apparently said quite audibly: “I always try to dance when this song comes on, because I am the Queen, and I like to dance.”

The classic disco song remains popular in gay bars around the world.

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Queen Elizabeth

Dinner guests were said to be surprised, but delighted, to see the Queen show some flamboyance as she enjoyed the song.

“My goodness me, there is the Dancing Queen,” guests said.

The Queen supposedly makes a point of dancing whenever she hears the catchy number.