Did Kanye West have an affair with trans model Amanda Lepore?

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Rumours are flying around the internet that Kanye West had an affair with the transgender model Amanda Lepore and nobody can quite work out if it’s true.

The rumours were sparked after Lepore revealed that she had been with a famous rapper before he got married in her book.

Lepore is known for starring in advertising campaigns for Mac Cosmetics and Armani.

The 49-year-old club queen writes in her memoir “Doll Parts” that the rapper went on to marry someone who “I couldn’t help but think that his wife had a similar body type to me”.

The statement has people speculating that the famous rapper just might be Kanye West.

Their reason? Because Kim Kardashian, who married Kanye in 2014, and Lepore are both curvy.

It’s certainly not the most substantial evidence to claim that Lepore and Kanye were once together.

The rumours have since been taken down by those closest to the rapper.

“That is not within the realm of possibility,” said one source close to the rapper.

West has been the subject of controversy since a relatively public breakdown last year.

Since then, he’s met with President Trump and endorsed him.

In a surprise clip filmed at one of his gigs, the rapper can be heard saying that he had not voted but if he had he would have voted for Trump – a statement met with booing.

As well as endorsing Trump, Kanye has previously said that he was discriminated against for not being gay.

He was mocked on Twitter for saying that he “stays away from butt play”.

That’s just the start of the controversy that the artist has been caught up in.