Rugby star Sam Stanley says other gay people attack his ‘SilverDaddies’ marriage

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Out gay professional rugby player Sam Stanley has hit back at critics of his age-gap engagement.

The 25-year-old athlete revealed earlier in the year that he is to marry Laurence Hicks, his partner of seven years.

Stanley posted an image of the two together on Instagram, writing: “The most loving man I know and I’m incredibly happy to say we’re now engaged.”

Sam Stanley and Laurence Hicks

The engagement attracted criticism from some – hitting out at the couple’s considerable difference in age.

Stanley even goes as far as to say most hate comes from other gay people.

Speaking to Queerty, he said: “I think if you’d caught the reaction to our engagement online most of the hate was from other gay people.

“That surprises me quite a lot with what gay people alone have to go through in terms of being judged. There’s a hell of a lot of judgement just within the gay community.

Laurence, Sam’s fiance, continued: “Younger gay guys who are obviously not into generational relationships don’t get it at all, particularly the difference in body size.

“Funnily enough, most of our straight friends are very comfortable with it.

“We both know the intergenerational thing is not everyone’s cup of tea, but please don’t judge either of us without really knowing us or appreciating the love we have for each other and the joy we bring to each others lives.”

Rugby star Stanley also blames a lack of sex and relationship education for people finding their relationship unsual.

“There is a 34 year gap between us,” he explains.

“I think people are obviously shocked at first because it’s different from the norm.

“However, once they get to know us and see us together their opinion normally changes.

“You can’t blame people’s reaction because, growing up, you only learn about sex between a man and woman in sex education classes, so not only do we break the stereotype by being gay but also because of our difference in one of us liking older chubby men and the other younger fitter boys.”

The pair met on website, which describes itself as “a meeting place for mature men and other men (both daddies and younger), who are interested in keeping their daddy happy and/or sexually satisfied”.

Stanley confirmed the meeting, telling Attitude: “We first met online on a site called

“Laurence and I love each other and to us that’s all that matters.

“We’re proud to represent the many relationships like ours.”

Stanley – who likes to post naked photos of himself singing and playing a guitar – also praised fellow out player Keegan Hirst, who he credited as his inspiration.