This trans man is documenting his journey and it’s beautiful

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A transgender man has opened up about his transition journey so far and the obstacles he has had to overcome.

Jaimie Wilson is a 21-year-old trans musician who lives in Florida.

Jaimie Wilson
Jaimie Wilson shares photos of himself pre and post transition (Photo by tboy61915/Instagram)

Wilson often shares photos of himself pre and post transition of his Instagram account.

Many of Wilson’s 300,000 followers call him brave but it hasn’t been an easy journey to where he is right now.

Wilson explained that since he came out as trans, he has “lost” many of his closest relatives and friends.

“I’ve lost my family and most of my friends since I started my transition but in the process, I’ve found out who really cares about me,” he said.

Wilson underwent surgery in 2015 and with testosterone treatment and a lot of work at the gym, he has completely transformed himself.

However, his current appearance is also criticised by some people who say he is “trying too hard” to be a man.

Those same critics also said Wilson could never be trans because of how “feminine” he presented prior to coming out.

Wilson explained: “Not everyone has to show ‘signs’ to be transgender. You don’t have to pass a test to prove you’re trans.”

Jaimie Wilson
Wilson is a musician and takes inspiration from his transition journey (Photo by tboy61915/Instagram)

Despite the negative obstacles Wilson has had to overcome, he is still documenting his journey and his career in music.

He explained on Instagram that he was “very thankful for the support” from all of his fans and that his life in music has been “a journey of its own”.

The singer said that he had to choose between being himself or losing his music opportunities.

“I ultimately chose to be myself. Which did have its consequences?

“I lost my voice for months because of hormone replacement, I could not sing at all for what felt like forever.

“I felt like I was being punished for being myself,” he said.

However, Wilson is now back on track with his music – which he says has “never failed” him.

“Music never ran away when times got shitty or gave up on me, so why should I give up on it?”