Trans Hunted star Jaxon Feeley shares his inspiring gender journey

Trans Hunted contestant Jaxon Feeley has shared his inspiring gender journey on the Channel 4 series.

Trans Hunted contestant Jaxon Feeley has talked about his gender journey, saying the experience meant “more than anything in this world” to him. 

Feely, who discussed his identity in the second episode of the current run of the Channel 4 series, is a proud advocate for the trans community and is appearing on the reality show with his sister, Nicola. 

Hunted follows six couples, who play fugitives, across three weeks as they endeavour to escape being captured by expert hunters who have access to the best technology available. Those who manage to remain free win a share of £100,000. 

Feeley took to Instagram to share how he hoped his trans identity will inspire others to achieve their dreams too. 

The launch of the show marked the day “we start to show living rooms across the UK how being part of the LGBTQ community does not have to impact how much families should continue to love, accept and protect you”, and his participation on the show displays “how you can still have incredible relationships, achieve your dreams and be unbelievably happy”, he said.

The show enabled him to experience his childhood as Jax, which “means more to me than anything in this world”, he went on to say. 

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Feeley transitioned while still serving as a prison officer in 2021. Last year, that job experience helped as he featured in Channel 4’s Banged Up: Stars Behind Bars.

Hunted continues on Channel 4 on Sunday at 9pm.