The Bold Type just showed the perfect way to react to your friend having a gay kiss

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

This new TV show has shown the perfect way to react to one of your friends kissing someone of the same sex – and it’ll make you smile so hard.

The Bold Type has set itself up as an apologetically barrier-breaking show, after it featured a Muslim lesbian getting together with a queer black woman.

The US drama about women who work at a feminist magazine in New York City features Kat Edison – one of the show’s main characters – slowly realising she’s not straight.

the bold type

The woman who helps her to find her queer side is Adena El-Amin, a proud Muslim lesbian artist who wears a hijab.

After the pair finally kissed – and spent the night with each other – in the last episode, the show demonstrated yet again why it’s building such a large and enthusiastic LGBT following.

Kat rushes to tell Sutton and Jane, her two best friends at the magazine, blurting out: “I made out with Adena last night!”

The three run to a fashion closet, laughing and smiling.

There’s no judgement in the closet (huh), just excited questions from Kat’s friends.

the bold type

She tells them: “I went Adena’s last night, and we kissed, for like, hours”.

Jane and Sutton’s shocked, happy faces capture a wonderfully standard friend’s response to this kind of news.

Kat continues: “And then I stayed the night – I know – and she is currently breaking up with her girlfriend.

“Like, as we speak. Which is, yes I know, a little complicated, but I kissed a girl.”

One after another, repeating the universally known Katy Perry lyric, her friends say: “And you liked it.”

the bold type freeform

After a pause, Kat confirms: “And I liked it!”

Her friends grin, and Sutton gives her a massive hug.

Smiling, she tells Kat: “That’s great. That’s great. I love you.”

And Kat is left, quietly grinning to herself.

Of course, being a drama, the show couldn’t leave it at that happy point.

The twists and turns in the rest of the episode were numerous, but best summed up by Kat’s accidentally tweet from a work account which she meant to send her friends.

the bold type

The phrase was a big hit with fans too, who tweeted their appreciation in droves.

Kat went through incredible character growth over the course of one episode, in the midst of a lesbian love triangle which has certainly not reached the end of its narrative.

And through all of the ups and downs, Jane and Sutton supported Kat with advice and hugs.

Watch the full video below: