This show features a black woman having oral sex with her Muslim girlfriend, because 2018 rocks

the bold type

A TV programme has shown a black queer woman giving oral sex for the first time to her lesbian Muslim girlfriend – because it’s 20gayteen, of course.

Last season, The Bold Type, a US drama about women who work at a feminist magazine in New York City, showed Kat Edison – one of the main characters – slowly realising she’s not straight.

The woman who helped her to realise that she was queer was Adena El-Amin, a proud Muslim lesbian artist who wears a hijab and eventually became Kat’s girlfriend.

Kat and Adena talk (Freeform)

Refreshingly, complications between the two came from Kat discovering more about her sexual identity and the fact that Adena had a girlfriend, rather than from any attempts to sensationalise lesbians or Islam.

After the gut-wrenching disappointment of the Supergirl cast making fun of fans who ship two of the main characters on that show, LGBT viewers were delighted with Kat and Adena.

And The Bold Type is not holding back in its second season, once again addressing race and sexist double standards, as well as sexual harassment in the workplace and – of course – issues which face same-sex couples.

bold type kiss freeform

Kat and Adena kiss in the first season (Freeform)

The Freeform programme dove straight into this latter topic, with Kat and Adena – or “Kadena” to fans of the pair – experiencing some strain in their relationship until Adena finally raised the topic that had been bothering her.

“You are ready to to show me off and introduce me to the world as your girlfriend and and put photos of us all over social media, but then – never mind,” she said.

After some prompting from Kat, she tells her girlfriend: “You’re not ready to go down on me.”

Once Kat’s two best friends, Jane and Sutton, have given her a much-needed pep talk, she has an awkward and lovely conversation with Adena at their place, telling her: “I was a little worried and scared.”

the bold type freeform

Sutton and Jane help Kat out (Freeform)

Adena tells her: “I didn’t want to push you to do something that you weren’t ready to do or didn’t want to,” before explaining that “it’s not even the act that matters – it’s you and me being able to have these conversations.

“Talking about it is the most intimate thing.”

Once they’ve communicated properly, the two kiss before taking it to the bedroom – where Kat goes down on her first girlfriend for the first time.

And in the season’s second episode, she tells her best friends what it was like, saying: “It was awesome.

“I mean, I was completely freaked out at first,” she explained. “Then I realised I have one of these, and I know what I like. So, I did it.

“And I liked it. A lot.

“And things with Adena are awesome,” she adds, grinning from ear to ear.

Kat happily tells her BFFs what went down (Freeform)

There’s even more lesbian representation to look forward to in your 2018 TV shows, in the shape of A Discovery of Witches, coming to Sky 1 later this year.

The show will feature Sarah Bishop, a powerful lesbian witch played by Doctor Who and Arrow star Alex Kingston.

A Discovery of Witches (Sky 1)

Together with her partner, a witch called Emily Mather, Sarah raises her niece Diana, teaching her how to use her powers to fight in a centuries-old struggle between supernatural beings.

Watch Kat and Adena’s fantastic scene here: