Megan Fox let her son wear a ‘Frozen’ dress and people got annoyed about it

Megan Fox recently appeared in public with her 4-year-old son Noah wearing a dress.

And while the move was celebrated by many as supportive parenting, some have chosen to get annoyed about it.

Noah wore the dress, from Disney’s ‘Frozen’, in a photo posted by Fox to her Instagram page.

But despite many celebrating the image, many “mommy shamed” Fox, as described by Glamour, by followers on her Insta.

Megan Fox instagram

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One wrote: “No values. No morals. Promoting gay perversion. Destruction of traditional gender roles lead to a totalitarian society granting government officials more power.”

Another added: “It is not okay for a boy to walk around in their mother’s heels. Just like it’s NOT okay for a child to be disrespectful. So, again that’s when it’s the parent’s job to instruct the child in the RIGHT way.”

A third said: “I just think is not a good idea … boys learn very quickly at that age and can start thinking it’s okay. Sorry to be honest.”

Fox has two other kids, Bodhi, who is 3 years old, and Journey, who is 1.

But it appears Fox has ignored the ignorant comments, and it is not the first time she has allowed her kids to wear what they want.

She has posted before with Noah sporting a pink princess dress and one with Bodhi in a patterned dress.

Fox in 2009 spoke for the first time publicly about her own bisexuality.

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