Chris Evans’s five-year-old son wore a dress to the theatre and some people aren’t happy

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BBC radio DJ and ex-Top Gear presenter Chris Evans went to the theatre with his family earlier this month, and his son’s choice of clothing has upset a few people.

While Evans, his wife Natasha Shishmanian and older son Noah all wore light blue jeans, his five-year-old Eli caught the eye in a shiny green dress.

The family happily posed for press photographs outside London’s Garrick Theatre, where they had just seen Gangsta Granny.

The performance was the West End debut of the adaptation of comedian David Walliams’s successful children’s book.

It seems that Eli took some inspiration from Walliams’s first children’s novel The Boy in the Dress, which tells the story of Dennis.

“Dennis was different,” reads the blurb.

“Why was he different, you ask? Well, a small clue might be in the title of this book…”

But not everyone was impressed with young Eli’s literature-inspired outfit, with many making complaints about Evans and Shishmanian’s parenting.

Daily Mail comments about Chris Evans

“Here we go! New age parents… we let our kids do what they feel,” read one comment on the Daily Mail website.

“Many 5 year old boys have expressed a wish to wear a dress and why not do just that at home, surrounded by those you love but in front of a gazillion photographers?” said another.

“This 5 year old boy is now pictured on the Internet for all of eternity, in a shiny green dress. Great if that is what he wants for all of eternity, but when he is 18 he might want very different things and he will no longer have the choice.”

Another said: “The parents want to use their son son to express their own views.”

While a few commenters did support Eli’s decision to wear what he likes, one said: “I’m all for supporting your children decisions and the whimsical nature of their likes and dislikes, but their little boy will not thank them for allowing his photo to be splashed across social media when he’s older.”

Far-right political party Liberty GB, whose motto is “Defending Western Freedom”, posted a link to a story about the dress and stated: “What is it with these celebrities making their little boys wear dresses?”

Many of its followers predictably took issue with Evans, with some complaining of the “LGBT Peedo agenda” and suggesting a “sickness of some kind”.

Evans is not the only celebrity who has been more than happy for his children to wear clothes traditionally associated with members of the opposite sex.

Ray Donovan star Liev Schreiber took his son Samuel Kai to San Diego Comic-con in an incredible Harley Quinn outfit.

And actress Megan Fox was more than happy to allow her son Noah wear a Frozen-style dress