Ellen DeGeneres managed to crash a scooter on set in the most undramatic way possible

She may have won 30 Emmys and 20 People’s Choice awards, but it seems there are some things Ellen isn’t quite so good at.

Things didn’t quite go to plan for the out American TV host after she raced actor Zach Braff on a scooter, as part of a segment for her long-running show that she shared on her YouTube channel during her summer break.

“We were having a whole lot of fun outside, and I didn’t want to get off of it, so I rode it into the studio,” she explains.

“We had stopped filming and I thought it would be fun to pretend to run over [my producer] Andy in a nice, loving way.”

Gliding into the studio full of confidence but low on actual miles per hour, the star instead missed everyone she tries to aim for.

She then heads straight for part of the studio itself, seemingly forgetting how to stop.

Bumping into a set of steps in front of one of the studio’s television screens, she takes the knock in good faith – as do the rest of her crew.

“You know, I don’t have my dancing legs insured, but I think I should,” she quipped afterwards. “I almost hurt my dancing legs.”

Blaming the incident on her lack of familiarity with scooters, Ellen explains she essentially forgot to take her hands off the accelerator.

“So what happened was, the way you make it go, there’s a little thing you hook your finger in. And I had forgotten that’s the way you make it go.

“I was going full speed, at about two miles per hour, but my knee got caught, I was trying to get off of it, but it was still kind of going.”

Watch the clip below

As well as ending up with a slightly bruised leg, she didn’t even win the original scooter race outside.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom for the former sitcom actress, after her huge salary was revealed earlier this year.

According to the Forbes rich list, she rakes in an astounding $77 million a year – second only to talk show host Dr. Phil.

Her appearance on the list also makes her the most highly paid LGBT celeb on the planet.