Madonna’s brother Christopher Ciccone brands her ‘horrifying’

Madonna’s brother Christopher Ciccone has lashed out at his sister in a new interview.

Ciccone worked with sis Madonna until the pair fell out more than decade ago.

Now he has labelled his celebrity sister “horrifying” in a new interview.

Interior designer Ciccone, 56, was Madonna’s backstage dresser and show designer before the fallout.

Life with My Sister Madonna hit the shelves a decade ago and ended their sidlingly relationship.

Madonna was furious that the book criticised her, while he says it was just an attempt to gain some credit for 20 years of commitment.

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He now says the book caused his career to fall apart.

“When I got back to LA my 500 acquaintances suddenly turned out to be four friends,” Ciccone told The Sun.

“She’s quite powerful in Los Angeles, in the industry.

“I was working in the industry doing music videos and tours and it was difficult to get work, if not impossible.”

Defending his memoir’s publication, Ciccone continued: “I could have written that book, the book about how horrifying she is or can be, but I didn’t write that book.

“I was just looking for a little recognition for the work I’ve done for 20 years with her, that it wasn’t one person.”

He claims that Madonna’s performances have not been of the same standard since he was kicked from the fold.

H“Her performance lost its theatricality to me and lost its connection to the audience.

“That was disappointing. How many tours have there been since ’94? Five?

“It’s difficult to watch them because I know what she’s capable of.

“It’s all screens and projections and Kabbalah and all this other stuff that the audience doesn’t really connect to.”

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According to The Sun, the siblings have patched up their relationship in recent months.

The two now speak from time to time, and are partly over the revealing book.

“We’ve gotten past that, we talk,” he said, adding: “I just talked to her a couple of weeks ago when I was at my father’s vineyard.”

“We email each other. Well, it’s passed for me, but I do know Madonna likes to hold grudges.

“There’s nothing I can do about that.”