Apparently Britain is a ‘warning sign’ for why gay marriage should stay banned

The Archbishop of Sydney has claimed that Britain should be a ‘warning’ to Australia on equal marriage.

Equal marriage became law in England and Wales in 2013, and Scotland in 2014.

Despite much doom-mongering in advance of the vote, the actual impact of the change has been minimal apart from lots of gay people getting married.

Statistics show that to date tens of thousands of couples have gotten married in the country, and the Prime Minister responsible for the change, David Cameron, hailed it as one of his greatest achievements in office.

Many Conservative politicians who bitterly opposed the change at the time have publicly come out to say that they were wrong and regret their votes, with remaining opposition only present at the extreme edges of the fringe UK Independence Party.

But you wouldn’t know it from the Anglican Archbishop of Sydney, the Most Rev Glenn Davies, who is lobbying against equal marriage in Australia.

Ahead of a public vote on the issue, Rev Davies claimed that the UK should serve as a cautionary tale to Australia.

In a letter to all churches, he claimed: “There are also distinct and serious consequences in changing the definition of marriage.

“We know from recent experiences in the United Kingdom and North America that the ramifications of such a change are profound.

“Their experience shows us that if the law is changed, it will have direct impact on people of faith and faith-based institutions.”

The Archbishop went on to claim that equal marriage laws have been “totally inadequate to safeguard people who work for church-run institutions such as schools, hospitals and universities.”

We tried to ask some ordinary heterosexual Londoners what they thought about living under the oppressive gay regime, but they are all in hiding from our state-funded Pink militia.

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In fact, the streets of London have since been overrun by homosexuals.

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The Archbishop continued: “While the proponents of change use the mantra of ‘marriage equality’, the use of this phrase is deceptive. We recognise that all people are equal in God’s sight, regardless of their sexual identity.

“No one denies that loving relationships can exist between two persons of the same sex. However, men and women are not the same.

“It is the very differences between the sexes that enhance the marriage union and create the opportunity of the bearing of children.”

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He added: “For these reasons, the Diocese of Sydney has committed to being a lead partner in the Coalition for Marriage. This is a newly-founded partnership of over 80 organisations which has been formed to support the campaign to defend Australia’s man-woman definition of marriage.”

The Coalition for Marriage has wasted no time in fearmongering about the potential apocalyptic consequences of a Yes vote.