Mel C pays tribute to ‘wonderful’ George Michael, wants to duet with Sia

PinkNews Exclusive
Former Spice Girls singer Mel C has caught up with PinkNews ahead of performing at Manchester Pride this weekend.

In the wide-ranging interview with PinkNews reporter Benjamin Butterworth, Mel C paid tribute to George Michael.

She also said the artist she’d like to collaborate with on a track would be Sia, calling the out bisexual singer a great role model.

Asked who she would like to collaborate with, Mel C said: “Sia – I love her – I think obviously there are so many fantastic female artists but there are probably not that many who I consider to be great role models- she’s an older artist – more mature – she is just wonderful – I love everything that she’s done – I’ve followed her career since she was with Zero 7 way back in 2000 or whatever – and I’m a really big fan and I just think it would be an interesting collaboration.”

The Spice Girls perform at the Olympic stadium

On performing at Manchester Pride this weekend she said: “I’m so excited – I kind of hate this bit because I just wanna get on with it now – But it’s lovely of course to be back in the north west – back on home turf and to finally be here at Pride. It’s been a long time coming and I’m going to enjoy every second of it while I’m there.”

Commenting about her gay female fan-base, she added: “I feel great about that – I mean obviously the reason for these events is about equality and acceptance so I don’t care who you sleep with. I have in the past [had women jokingly propose to her] I have had lots of different offers from different people but you know I love all of my fans equally and I’m just so grateful to the LGBT community because they’ve supported me through the Spice Girls time through my solo career – so it’s just great to be here and to celebrate together.

On whether there will be another Spice Girls reunion, she continued: “I would never say it’s not going to happen – who knows what the future holds. There aren’t any plans at the moment but …”

“Because I felt after we did our reunion tour in 2009 as a five-piece and then the Olympics as a five-piece because Victoria had already said she didn’t want to do it, I didn’t think going out as a four piece would do the band justice or the fans.”

Paying tribute to out gay singer George Michael who died last year on Christmas day, and band-mate Geri Horner’s track which she released about him, Mel C added: “I thought it was lovely and I felt it was a really brave thing for her to do because obviously her and George were very close – I hardly knew George – I’d met him a few times, and I still feel very emotional about it. So I don’t actually know how she had the courage to go out and perform that song.

“We met at the Olympics – the last time I saw him he had a big party at his place after the Olympics and we were all there. Probably award shows and gigs …”

Speaking about a party that Michael hosted after he and the Spice Girls performed at the Olympic stadium, she added: “That was at his place in Highgate and everybody was there, you know, a lot of the performers who had been there on the night [at the Olympics]. It was very lavish – loads of food – loads of champagne – George was such a generous man. It was such a great memory for everyone because it was such an amazing night to be at the Olympic stadium and then George put on this amazing party for everyone and now we’ve very sadly lost him…”

She shared how she found out that he had died on Christmas Day last year: “I think probably like most people the news or tweets – oh my god I was devastated – because the little tiny bit I did know him and obviously I know Geri well who knew him much much better than I did – because no-one’s got a bad word to say about him – he was a very kind man, a very sweet man, and one of the last things I remember talking to him about – he came into our dressing room at the Olympics and he was really nervous – I just found that incredible that the wonderful George Michael was nervous.”

Of whether she is still Sporty Spice: “I started competing in triathlons in 2007 and that really gave me that structure -a long time has passed since my time with the girls – but I do love sport and it’s a very important part of my life.”

Mel C also spoke about possibly doing TV appearances like when she helped Mel B on X Factor Australi: “I did – yeah when she did X Factor in Australia I was her little helper in judge’s houses and I was a judge on Asia’s Got Talent a few years ago – but you know personally for me I love what I’m doing tonight – I love making music – I love performing on stage – and though I’ve had great opportunities to do some TV and things like that – music will always be my first love.”

George Michael

“I’d always consider things – A lot of the things I’ve done in my career – because I’ve done musical theatre and I’ve started to do some radio presenting on Radio 2 as well – so it’s always timing, if it feels good and if I feel like I can do the job well, so I would never… you don’t know what the future holds.”

Mel C will perform at Manchester Pride this weekend.

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